Wednesday, January 23, 2013



many people asked me 'why u so small?' 'kenapa kecik sangat awak ni?'. to be frank, i really annoyed by this kind of question. tak suka langsung. menci. menci gilo. hey! i also dunno why am i so small. that's given. okay, may be genetic factor. but recently, i learn that it is something that i should be thankful. with my small size, people always say ' alah, comelnya'. want to puke? please do so. haha. but seriously, people tend to say things like that to me. puke again? u must be sick. haha. just kidding. i'm not bragging about it but i'm grateful for it.  ini pengakuan ikhlas dari hati suci. sincerely.

let me give some encouragement word why we must be thankful despite our shortcoming.

when Allah made us deaf it means He want to protect us from hearing somethings bad.
when Allah made us blind it means He want to keep us from seeing somethings that are not good.
when Allah made us mute it means He want to prevent us from talking somethings not beneficial.
so may be Allah have some plan for us. just believe in Allah plan. in shaa Allah we will find peace.

now, i'm proud to be born this way. so when people tease our shortcoming just say loudly 'kau ada?!'.

                 whether life's disabilities,left u outcast, bullied, or teased,rejoice and love urself today,cause baby u were born this way.
p/s; 'i might be small but i'm also cute'... need to puke again? let me call an ambulance. just joking. don't gossips girls! make peace not war. till then, au revoir! xoxoD...


  1. kecik laaaa omeyy omeyyyy. kite punye tinggi dari dulu 154cm jeee tak gerak gerak . pendeklah omey . hahahaha :3

    1. haha~ kite lagi rendang dari awak...omeyyy