Tuesday, January 22, 2013



recently, i often forget about the simplest things. for an example; i removed my glasses to take wuduk but after a while i started to forget where i put my glasses. arghh..how annoying is that! before this, i unloaded my wardrobe and all drawer to find my only scarf and guess where i found my scarf? haha. it's already on my own head. i felt like giving myself a biggest facepalm on my face. siapa ada tapak tangan yang besau? aku nak borrow tampar diri aku yang noob gila ni.

so lately, i've been wondering why i tend to forget the easiest things to remember. gladly i still remember my name and who i am.  it's what our people call nyanyuk? i'm not even in 70's, i still in my 20's. geezz...

there was a time i forget name of the person and i was like 'ahh and 'ohh'. i became so friendly yet awkward and acted like i do know them.  i felt so embarrassed to admit and i was worried it will offend them. the atmosphere surely turn out more awkward if admit it, right?. haha. -___-"

my friends always laugh at me and make fun of me. they called me opah sometimes because of my eraserbrain. but dey'all the same. i have already witnessed several people like me; forgetting the most simplest things in the whole world and most of them are women. why? i also dunno.

till then, au revoir! xoxoD...