Tuesday, January 29, 2013



if u still remember, in high school u walk into each class on the first day of every year with a 0%, then from that day on ur work and grades will determine what that 0% turns into by the end of the marking period. if u completely pay no attention, give no effort, slack off in class, believe me, u will fail. but if u put hard effort and stay focus when in class...in shaa Allah...if god wills, u will succeed. and may be that 0% will turns to 50%, 70%, 90%, or even 100% worth the effort.

i feel respect should be treat in similar manner. we must put effort to earn it from other person. it's not naturally given like 'hey, i just met u, and this is crazy, but here goes nothing, so respect me may be?'. haha.  see? it's sound crazy when some strangers just shook hands with u and 'hey, i respect u'. so, when dealing with a new person u'll need effort to be seen as a person with full of courtesy. u need to speak politely, act modestly, and be friendly, then u'll certainly score some respect. trust me.

so, here's some tips how to earn respect from a person;

when people are talking please don't cut off. u need to hear their opinion fully. after that, speak ur mind, ur opinion and if they wrong, speak with courtesy. don't belittle and mock their wrong opinion.

when people give u their respect, please show them some respect. don't be too arrogant as if u're the whole world leader. remember there's Allah, the most to be honored and respected.

when people critics ur faults, mistakes, please accept it openly. don't raise ur tone to the higher pitch and make some terrible attitude. if they wrong in judging u, tell them gently. u know u better than that right?

and before u do all of above tips, please respect urself first. 

that's the basic principles. respect are like two-way street, give and take, peanut butter and bread, sambal belacan and ulam-ulaman, kentucky fried chicken and chilli's sauce, okay let's stop here, brainstorming and typing makes me hungry lol. till then, au revoir! xoxoD

p/s; listen,listen,listen,no need to remember me, i know her and i believe all of u know her too. tehee...oppssie!

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