Monday, January 28, 2013



so, i've been reading a post in tumblr about people and themselves and it makes me thinking what makes me ,myself? hurmmm...a cute human being may be. haha. gurau jerr okayy. i'm not really sure what defines me. let's start with what others define me...

some says imma friendly one, cepat gelabah, nerd type when it comes to study, noisy and very loud, sarcastic sometimes, bright person, gilo-gilo, boleh masuk, manja...

okay, that's how others define me but there's so many good things..ehemm...titew tak marah lah kalau nak sebut fasal keburukan titew. betul ni! titew suke olang yang honest. feel free untuk kutuk titew depan-depan. dari kutuk belakang baik kutuk depan kan? haha.

after a hard labor of thinking, these is how i define myself...

physically and mentally, i'm a small ordinary girl, daddy's daughter, have a cold face but warm at heart...ehemm, impatient, hot-tempered, complicated, love art, kpop fan, act tough, shy yet awkward, desperately clumsy, can be overly sensitive, gedik in a good way means bertempat, stubborn, rootless in confidence, not in love with add math, prefer ghost stories over murderous and torturous one, not so into sport,blahblahblahh...

banyak sangat. ye lah karakter orang ni berbagai-bagai bukan satu, how about uolls? what makes u, urself?

till then, au revoir! xoxoD...


  1. kite bila dgn org yg kite rapat perangai kite lain . bila dgn org yg tak rapat lagilah lain ! haha semorang macam tu rasanya :>

    1. yup...that's totally true dear...hehe...

  2. i'm a small ordinary girl too..hee..can be crazy with my besties n i'm talkative to make a new friends & love to be loved..cewahh..hehe :D

    1. every person would love to be loved dear especially me...hahaha

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